For eight years the Jubilee Group published a newsletter giving details not just of its own actitivities but also all events taking place within the local area, along with stories and articles about Mary Tavy and its residents, past and present.

Publication was inevitably paused during the Coronavirus pandemic, and the decision was taken not to continue with the newsletter into the future.  As events and activities start to take place again we will include information on this website as well as our facebook page, and aim to ensure everyone is still kept informed.

Past issues are all available to view at any time, just click on the issue to the right to download it.

Previous issues:
  Jubilee News No.36
Feb & Mar 2020

    Jubilee News No.35
Dec & Jan 2019/20 
    Jubilee News No.34
Oct & Nov 2019
  Jubilee News No.33
Aug & Sept 2019
  Jubilee News No.32
June & July 2019 
  Jubilee News No.31
April & May 2019
    Jubilee News No.30
Feb & March 2019
  Jubilee News No.29
Dec 2018 & Jan 2019
    Jubilee News No.28
Oct & Nov 2018 
  Jubilee News No.27
Aug & Sept 2018
  Jubilee News No.26
June & July 2018
    Jubilee News No.25
April & May 2018
    Jubilee News No.24
Feb & March 2018 
    Jubilee News No.23
Dec 2017 & Jan 2018 
  Newsletter No.22
Oct/Nov 2017 
    Newsletter No.21
Aug/Sept 2017 
    Newsletter No.20
June/July 2017
    Newsletter No.19
Apr/May 2017
    Newsletter No.18
Feb/Mar 2017
  Newsletter No.17
Dec 2016 / Jan 2017
  Newsletter No.16
Oct/Nov 2016
  Newsletter No.15
Aug/Sept 2016
  Newsletter No.14
June/July 2016
  Newsletter No.13

    Newsletter No.12

  Newsletter No.11
2015 to Jan 2016

  Newsletter No.10

Newsletter No.9



Newsletter No.8
May/June 2015



Newsletter No.7
March 2015



Newsletter No.6
October 2014



Newsletter No.5
October 2013




Newsletter No.4
February 2013


Newsletter No.3
20 October 2012


Newsletter No.2

04 August 2012



Newsletter No.1

23 May 2012