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Jubilee Walk

Jubilee Walk is a footpath linking the south of the village to the centre, alongside a field and through the Recreation Ground.  It's proving a huge asset for the village and is used by a large number of people every day.  It was opened in May 2012 after only three and a half months of preparation and work, including constructing a bridge, stone walling, erecting a fence and installing gates.  The path even has lighting.  This amazing community project was undertaken by the Mary Tavy Footpath Action Group, with some assistance at the later stages from the then newly formed Mary Tavy Jubilee Group.  The 3,500 of costs were raised by the group and included some very generous donations from people in the parish. 

Some interesting links:

Leaflet announcing the creation of the footpath
Leaflet announcing the opening of Jubilee Walk


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 Jubilee Bridge in Place

Waiting to Open

Field Gate Hard Core Detail

Bridge building

Gate & Bridge Done