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  Flood Equipment

The Jubilee Group received a grant of 2,000 from Devon Communities Together for Flood Resilience Equipment and has purchased a range of items including hydro sacks, a pump and many other useful and safety equipment.  It is all housed in a trailer and is ready to be used by anyone in the community when the need arises.  The equipment was put to good use to save properties from flooding in the summer of 2017.

  Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night has become established as an important annual event for the village.  It taken place on the 1st Sunday in November, in association with the Mary Tavy Recreation Ground.

Bonfire Night 2018 is on 4th November. 


    Mary Tavy Play Day

Starting in 2016 Mary Tavy Play Day has now become an annual event, and in 2017, more than 50 kids plus parents and guardians joined in all the fun - with crafts, sandpit, giant bubbles, cricket and all sorts of other games and activities.  Play Day is always on an early Wednesday each August.

     Garden projects

Our plans to create an ornamental vegetable Community Garden were halted with the sad death of the project leader.  However there are currently plans for the creation of allotments within Mary Tavy.


We would like to create a map of some of the 25 footpaths in Mary Tavy, and also for put up signage giving points of historical and widlife interest.

Project leader: John Banks, 810090, cjohnbanks@hotmail.com


  Current & Future Projects

Several suggestions from the community have been received and new ideas are always welcomed. 

Details of all projects are given in various issues of the Newsletter.

Past Projects
   Your Community Matters
A very successful community event was held in September 2015 bringing together all clubs, groups and businesses in the parish, along with some arts and sports activities and other entertainment.
  Litter Pick
The Jubilee Group and the Parish Council undertook a Litter Pick in 2015, and will do it again as soon as there seems to be a need.
  Blackdown Garage Site
The Jubilee Group asked the site owner for permission to tidy up the site, to weed it and do some new planting.  Read all about it in Newsletter No.10.  The planting in tyres has now been moved to the Recreation Ground as the garage site is being developed.
  Kids' Play Area
In 2015 the Jubilee Group helped the Trustees of The Recreation Ground to get the Kids' Play Area open again after being closed for a year.  We undertaken further sprucing-up sessions in 2016.
    Jubilee Beacon Bonfire
June 2012
    Jubilee Walk
May 2012