Heritage Group
The Jubilee Heritage Group holds quite a lot of items about the history of the area, our mining heritage, buildings, environment and people.  We have photographs, maps, documents and artefacts.

We aim to preserve it as a resource for current and future generations, available to any person or organisation whenever possible.  If you have things you think might add to our collection wed love to borrow them, just to copy, note down or photograph, and well return everything to you very quickly. Or if you wish to donate anything well ensure it is safely stored.

Whilst it had been our aim to get the collection digitised and available on the internet we have not had the volunteers or resources to achieve this currently.

  Daily uploading of photographs during Covid lockdowns
At at time when all local events and activities were being cancelled, the Jubilee Group decided to upload photographs from our Heritage Collection on the Brentor, Lydford and Mary Tavy Hub facebook group.  Every day there were pictures, sometimes just a couple, sometimes more than twenty, taken from the collection we hold of photographs by Jim Thorington, taken for the Tavistock Times.  These have proved extremely interesting and enjoyable for the community during difficult times.

Heritage Days
16 & 17 April 2016

The weekend was a great success, with about 150 people engrossed in the collection of photographs and items, and many people brought in new images and artefacts, either given or loaned to us.

The Gerry Sargent Collection

Former resident of Mary Tavy, Gerry Sargent, was well known as a local historian and he had accumulated a wealth of information about the social history and mining.  After he'd moved away from the village he very kindly donated his amazing collection of photographs, stories and maps to Michael Fife Cook, and it is available alongside the collection in the pocession of the Jubilee Group.