With ongoing uncertainty about when any semblance of normality will return, the Jubilee Group does not feel it appropriate to be making arrangements for future events and activities.  In the meantime we continue to pass on information, such as planning applications and road closures, on our facebook page.

The Mary Tavy Jubilee Group was created by residents of the village of Mary Tavy to undertake projects for the benefit of the community.

It was set up in the year of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and evolved out of an action group which constructed a footpath, Jubilee Walk.  The Group has now put on a huge range of events and has arranged improvements to the village. 

The group is a charity, set up as a trust.

Take a look at our facebook page, which will include information on forthcoming events, planning applications and other items of interest to the community in Mary Tavy:
       An open letter about Mary Tavy Jubilee Group, Jubilee News, and Covid-19
22nd August 2020

Coronavirus has to a greater or lesser extent altered all our lives, and it is inevitable that some things will not be returning to pre-pandemic levels.

We do hope to be organising events and activities once again as and when the general situation improves, but we don't anticipate this will be for quite some time. When we do feel the time is right we will concentrate initially on activities that can be undertaken with social distancing perhaps a litter pick or local walks. It is likely to be a long time before we feel able to put on anything involving more of a social gathering, such as the Mary Tavy Live performances.

We had been due to publish issue 37 of Jubilee News as Coronavirus struck in March; the newsletter was completely ready to be printed when we decided we couldn't ask volunteers to do the delivery, which would have been putting them directly at risk. Then planned events started to be cancelled one by one leaving only minimal content anyway. With no events or activities taking place there has been no purpose in producing Jubilee News in the intervening months.

Creating Jubilee News has been a huge commitment for the past eight years, and we have decided to take this lull in production and in activities as an opportunity to cease publication. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank the loyal team of deliverers, those who have contributed information for Jubilee News, and the advertisers, many of whom have been part of every issue since we first offered advertising.

As events and activities start to take place again we will continue to provide information but will now be doing so via our website and facebook page, and from time to time via email to those who've requested to be on the list.

In recent months we're pleased to have been able to assist Mary Tavy Community Support by securing a grant from DCC to assist their work helping vulnerable people within Mary Tavy. We have also been putting photographs from our Heritage Collection on the local facebook hub every day, which many found particularly comforting during lockdown, and which have brought long-lost friends back together again. So we may have been comparatively quiet for a few months, but still doing what we felt we could do in difficult circumstances.

As we all slowly adjust to a new normal the Jubilee Group will continue to play an important role as a local charity for the community.

Ali Fife Cook / Michael Fife Cook / John Banks
Trustees, Mary Tavy Jubilee Group












Grant assistance for Covid-19 community support

Mary Tavy Community Support, was set up in the early stages of the Coronavirus crisis.  Mary Tavy Jubilee Group made available up to 500 from its funds to help support the group with any expenses, including printing of their initial flyer, and we later applied for a grant from Devon County Council on behalf of MTCS, providing them with 495 to support their work.  This includes expenses for volunteers including transport costs for shopping, medical or vet trips, for telephone costs for befriending, for purchase of protective clothing and sanitizer, and for printing.

Mary Tavy Community Support can be contacted on marytavycs@gmail.com, 01822 811019.

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